If it’s not right, don’t do it. If it’s not true, don’t say it.
~Marcus Aurelius

What We Stand For

We are guided by two longstanding precepts of our investment program.

First, we endeavor to conduct deep fundamental investment research. This means that we seek to understand and consider all factors that realistically could have a material effect on the performance of each investment.

Second, the rule of law is paramount. Just as both creditors and debtors are bound by the terms governing their transactions, all parties must adhere to the rule of law, the bedrock of any civilized and productive state. For us, that means courts should construe and faithfully apply the law consistently and dispassionately, without bending to outside influence. Even occasional departures from the rule of law undermine the entire legal system, and with it the basis on which a nation of individuals and entities make countless decisions about their personal and business affairs. The rule of law underpins our investment approach in two fundamentals ways:

  1. No person or organization is above the law, nor should any person or organization be deprived of the benefits the law affords them. Just as we honor our legal and contractual obligations, we expect others to as well, and we expect the legal rights attendant to the Fund’s investments to be fully respected.

  2. In most situations, our investments are premised on the belief that the judicial system will endeavor in good faith to 
honor the rule of law – respecting the rights attendant to the Fund’s investments if they cannot be resolved through constructive negotiations.

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