Claim your right to say or do anything that accords with nature, and pay no attention to the chatter of your critics. If it is good to say or do something, then it is even better to be criticized for having said or done it. ~Marcus Aurelius

Marie Johnsson

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Marie Johnsson joined Aurelius in September 2008 as an Accountant.  She was promoted to Controller in October 2019 and Chief Financial Officer in January 2022.  She has also been the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer since July 2023.  Prior to joining Aurelius, she spent three years at Ernst & Young LLP as an auditor in Assurance and Business Advisory Services in the Financial Services Office.  Ms. Johnsson has a B.S. in Accounting from Lehigh University and is a State of New York Certified Public Accountant.

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